Is attack the best defence during arguments?

Don’t start a battle you know you will lose. By the same token, don’t start an argument you know you will lose. Get your stuff right and back up your deeds and words with proper prior thought first and documentation afterwards.

If you’re right, then you’re right and you will go into any argument with invincible self-confidence. And if you’re wrong, you will still have the chance of “winning” by admitting your wrongdoing and leaving your opponent in “shock and awe”, pretty plain and simple to me. “No need for spilling blood”.


Off course, real life situations play a different scene and may ask for a different approach as emotions can rise in seconds depending on your counterpart. But nothing beats the power of calm even during heated discussions or debates. It’s the ultimate show of confidence that makes your opponents tremble.



It’s no wonder that in many disciplines like politics, diplomacy and business life showing negative emotions of anger or defeat generally (universally) has a stigma of a “weakness”, while a calm discussion partner who uses the power of argument (or remorse, apology, empathy etc.) always comes out triumphantly as the winner.

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