“Encourage me. Don’t criticize me, cause the world is already full of critics”. Do you agree?

I agree to a great extent but not wholly.

Encouragement and motivation are needed in our time. But let’s don’t forget that in critique lies the hidden function of encouragement too; the encouragement to change bad things into good ones.


Honestly, I think that constructive critique as opposed to destructive abusive one goes hand in hand with encouragement. When I’m admittedly criticized about something bad, I would see this as an encouragement to change it. I like to call it feedback and I would love to receive it in a good manner and a moderate tone of voice all the time, but let’s face it; not all criticism is sweet. As a matter of fact, most of critique is sour tasting in the beginning but has a sweet lasting after-taste to it when embraced wisely and applied rationally.


The world has been consistently changed to a better one by critics, some of these were amongst the most peaceful figures we know (weren’t prophets critical people?). How about Ghandi & Martin Luther King?