When “I” is replaced by ” we”, even “illness” become “wellness”. Do you agree?


I believe this saying initially relates to the prevalence of team work, togetherness, altruism & collective efforts above individuality, selfishness, egoism and soloist effort. In this sense I agree with it.

In such case, “we” is a wellness instead of illness. 



I tend to believe in the contrary when “we” (meaning = group thinking or tribal behaviour) results in effects such as “peer pressure”, “group-think”, “suppression of freedoms”, “blind imitation”, “copying bad behaviour”, “suffocation of creativity”, “mobbing & bullying behaviour”, “enhancement of collective ignorance” etc.

In such case, “we” becomes rather an illness instead of wellness.

Stuff you agree with


What do you think? Can you please provide your feeback? :-)

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