You are HIRED, if you can answer this job-interview question!

This is a real question that was put in a job interview and the only person that got the right answer got the job.



You are driving along in your car in a wild stormy night; it is raining heavily when you pass by a bus stop. And you see three people waiting for a bus: an old lady, an old friend that once saved your life and the perfect partner you have been dreaming all your life.

Which one would you choose to offer a ride knowing very well that your car is a two seats car and that you can give a ride to only one person?

My answer:

My first automatic action will be slowing down the car, near them.

After exchanging greets with my friend, I will offer him a ride, adding to it “or do you think WE should help others out first & go and catch up later”? This will initiate a “consultation-session”, short & harmless.

Why so? Because it will provide me with INFORMATION to make a better decision or at least make a weighted decision.

  1. I can offer anyone of them a lift. But who actually needs MY lift?! (no one yet)
  2. Is it not possible that each one of them (or some) already called a dear one to pick them up at the bus stop during such an angry stormy night?
  3. Who said the bus isn’t coming or that they don’t prefer to take it (be it late)?
  4. My first action will be asking them whether they need a lift from me and/or whether they’re getting picked up soon by someone. (asking first or just doing is very culturally determined)
  5. This will still be a well-meant offer wrapped-up in a reasonable & sober manner, since they all can see the small size of my car and see that I actually stopped.
  6. They will engage in a spontaneous social interaction, either consulting each other, favouring one another or explaining one’s urgent need to be first. Or giving me the right (order) of choosing based on their attitude.
  7. My offer has open validity & genuine attached to it. I’m also flexible; I can go and come back. They can help me decide who’s first, who’s next, who’s third OR who’s thankful but needs no lift!
  8. They can also help me decide intuitively: who’s a friend worthy of a reunion, who’s an old truly needy person & who’s a truly potential dream partner based on attitude & not only looks or dreamy fantasies, based on their own calculation of what I’m supposed to do according to them!

Don’t judge a book by its cover, for the inside pages may be blank & waste your time, money & good intentions.

I believe (but I may be wrong) that this question aims to examine abilities & competences such as:

  1. Research valuation & research skills
  2. Identifying needs vs improvisation & imposition.
  3. Soberness & rationality in judgement vs emotionality & bad or pretentious impulsiveness.
  4. Pro-activity & backing good intentions by deeds & words.
  5. Being direct & frank vs being complimentary & vague.
  6. Conveying honesty, fragility & transparency.
  7. Altruistic traits vs egoistic traits.
  8. Communication skills.
  9. Group management skills, discussion & leadership by consultation.
  10. Situation analysis & hard-decision-making skills.

Off course, I realize that I won’t have enough time to come up with such a “perfect behaviour answer”. But I think I will take my time until someone stops me or get lost in logical thinking.


ps: actually the right answer is supposed to be much simpler. You can look it up in Google, I guess. Thanks for reading! 🙂

What do you think? Can you please provide your feeback? :-)

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