Who is going to win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?

Allow me to build the suspense…

Being an absolute fanatic football supporter and follower, next to being a former self-proclaimed “super talent” wasted by the choice for education and a life of mediocrity, I attempted an answer to this question about four weeks ago on the Specialty Forum of Bayt.com, a Middle Eastern culturally-diverse job website. It was one of those questions that went off topic and yet created some type of a mellow “I-hate-my-work and it’s Ramadan for most of us anyway” afternoon discussion about job-seekers’ favourite teams.



To my pretentious astonishment, since I am actually a self-pronounced know-it-all when it comes to football, I actually predicted the arrival of three of the current four semi- finalists, 4 weeks before the happening, namely: The Netherlands, Brazil & Argentina. That’s a 75% predictive accuracy rate! (Should I put it on my CV?)



Here is my “absolutely non-biased”, “impeccably analytical” & “well-argumented” answer then that brought me the unofficial title of a “Football Nostradamus”.

Posted on Bayt.com on 11-June-2014

  1. Holland
  2. Ghana
  3. Argentina
  4. Brazil


Now allow me to cast my specialist (absolutely non-biased!) opinion and say that Holland = the Netherlands can, will & should win this. WHY? Well, fasten your seats… 🙂

Sentimental reasons

  1. Holland is by far and according to most football specialists the only country left that should’ve won the World Cup but never won it until now. The list contained France before 1998 [corrected] and Spain before 2010 in which Holland was the less lucky finalist, and I choose my words carefully when I say “less lucky”. Dutch national team 2014
  2. Holland is famed for introducing the magnificent style of “total football“, led by the golden generation of Johan Cruyff in the 70’s!
  3. Johan Cryuff himself belongs to MOST top-5 lists of best footballers in history together with the like of Pele, Maradona, Di Stefano, Platini (kicked out by Zenedine Zidane), Puskas, Eusebio etc.
  4. Do you like the football style of tiki-taka of Barcelona? Well, it’s Dutch. Firstly, introduced by Johan Cruyff as a trainer and later by Luis van Gaal (new trainer of Manchester United) and it was consolidated by on the best Defensive Midfielders in football history Frank Rijkaard, who presented modern Barcelona (during Ronaldinho’s  peak time) on a golden plate to his successor Guiardiola.Johan Cryff 1970's
  5. Ruud Gullit & Van Basten are also Dutch.
  6. Dutch football is one the most respected in the world, both in terms of youth schools inside and outside of Holland (like in the case of Ajax Cape Town in South Africa).
  7. The Dutch national team is among only few teams who are said to produce A, B and C teams of highest qualities, meaning that they always have enough world-class footballers.
  8. Dutch fans are amongst the friendliest in the world next to Koreans and Japanese.


Practical reasons

  1. It’s about time we win. Come on, give us that people!!!
  2. There is no pressure whatsoever on them this time, after a disappointing performance during EURO2012, rest assured that the Dutch will rise up to the occasion.
  3. We have Robin van Persie, Wesely Sneijder & Arjan Robben.Van Persie-Robben-Sneijder
  4. Our coach is Luis van Gaal, newly hired by Man United as manager, the best-most-arrogant coach in the world, hated by media and LOVED by players, winner of Champions League1996 with a youthful Ajax team that produced Davids, Seedorf, Kluivert, Overmars and the brothers Ronald & Frank de Boer!
  5. Argentina’s Lione Messi, the world’s greatest footballer already, needs a world cup to be officially crowned as such!argentinamessi14starz-1
  6. Brazil is my all times favourite always strong and can always win definitely when home!brazil-world-cup-poster-espn-600x900
  7. Ghana holds the best cards among African Teams and has European stye consistency compared to other African teams. It’s time for an African nation to win it NOW before Korea or Japan decide it’s time to seriously win it.


Brazil, the hosting country, is playing against Germany on 08-07-2017 at 17:00 local Brazilian time, in a difficult match, following the injury of their key-player and master of dribbling skills, the rising star Neymar.


The Netherlands is playing against Argentina on 09-07-2017 at 17:00 local Brazilian time, in re-construction of their previous meeting in 1998 World Cup in France, which is remembered as one the most exciting quarter-final games in the history of the world cup, won by the Dutch team in the dying minutes of the game, after scoring a magnificent goal by Dennis Bergkamp after a long pass from defender (current coach of Ajax) Ronald de Boer.

May the best team win (and wear Orange or dark blue shirts)

The Dutch were infamous for having penalty-phobia and bad luck during big games, being kicked out of the final phases big tournaments by a penalty shoot-out FOUR TIMES, and losing TWO finals in the past, one to Germany and another to Argentina! Since this spell has been broken by an extraordinary coach, Luis van Gaal and a remarkable goalkeeper, I expect the Dutch to march steadily to that sovereign place.


What do you think? Can you please provide your feeback? :-)

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