What can you learn from your “younger self”?

Wonderful question, indeed! My younger self would have reminded me of doing the following:


  1. Do not try to control life, you are too young to, live it while dreaming it.
  2. Ask tough questions to wise people, listen carefully to the answers of “less wise” people!
  3. Kick a ball (as in football, not in…)
  4. Break a leg (not literally off course, but more like… go for it and don’t think a lot)
  5. Love every person who comes to your path and treat him/her as a friend.

2 thoughts on “What can you learn from your “younger self”?

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Memory of the life of a younger self provides opportunity of self reflective insights until the moment of death.


    • I couldn’t agree more. I’m no fan of the one-sided short-sighted interpretation of the saying “don’t dwell in the past”. You can usefully re-visit the past without dwelling in it. Thanks for stepping by.


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