I’m stuck in a dead-end job. What can I do?

Stuck? Really? No, you are not!

If you are stuck in a job (or in anything in life) and you know that perseverance won’t help, adds to your misey and should not be the solution, do one thing: “unstick” yourself, like you would do with a first-aid sticking plaster covering a wound that reached the level of inflammation!


Shake things up, take a plunge into the unknown. Change your patterns of thinking and expecting. Be drastic but patient at the same time. Don’t attach your career success and job security to a job that is causing you misery (if that is truly the cause and not you, yourself). The world is full of opportunities. Change something, anything. Start with that to break the pattern and confuse destiny.



What do you think? Can you please provide your feeback? :-)

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