What are the security and reliability concerns of cloud technology for business?


Security concerns:

  1. Is my sensitive company information private?
  2. Do IT companies or SaaS companies adhere to their marketed privacy protection practices?
  3. Is resource sharing always positive or do I want to keep some business intelligence from some employees & layers of organization?
  4. Do I need internet banking protection level or average level or low level?
  5. Can my “cloud system” be hacked?
  6. How can I ensure that oversees employees or home-workers do not share my business information with others?

Source: PWC

Reliability concerns:

  1. Do I dare to conduct business over the fragile web instead of a controlled network environment?
  2. Does cloud technology offer scalability to my business?
  3. Is cloud technology more or less stable than local internet (on-company or company owned dedicated server)
  4. Is the SSL-protection offered by the 3rd party service provider trust-worthy, or do I want to choose an SSL-certificate myself?
  5. How & how fast will my employees react & adapt to this cloud technology?

What do you think? Can you please provide your feeback? :-)

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